My top 10 "picture postcard" places

To be honest wherever you go here in Brittany and indeed throughout France there are beautiful things to see, take your camera with you and create your own postcards.  This top 10 list cannot do justice to the plethora of interesting, beautiful, historic, quirky and simply lovely places you can visit. I haven't included any lists of the gardens, parks, activities, museums, galleries etc here, you can make these top 10 lists for yourselves when you come for a holiday.

 St Goustan

River port at Auray, ancient cobbled streets, lots of restaurants.




Huge chateau, half timbered buidings, great view from top of church spire.


Walled town made rich in medieval times by the salt production which continues today.




Dynamic town in a steep valley with immense viaduct, great cafes and nice shops.

 La Roche Bernard

Artists workshops abound, great views, good restaurant.




Big town, lots of historical buildings, long steep cobbled street down to river. Shops, cafes, bars, restaurants.


Fortified old town, great shops, the portside cafes are where to sit and people watch.



 Le Bono

Pretty river town, little port, foot bridge to riverside walk with a boat graveyard


Little town on a lake, the gorge of gigantic moss covered boulders is well worth a visit as is the devil's grotto.



 St Nicolas des Eaux

Little canalside town with locks and barges, also near St Nicodeme, an incredibly ornate old church seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

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