My Top 10 beaches


With over 1200km of coastline it's hardly surprising that this was a difficult top 10 list to make.  However in no particular order these are some of my favourite places by the sea, some are long stretches of fine sand, some rocky cliffs but all are fabulous.  Even in the height of summer you can usually always find yourself a secluded spot by the sea.

St Barbe - I love to go bodysurfing here, a popular beach for kite surfers too. 25 minutes from Vannes just before the Quiberon peninsula.

Ploumanac'h - this is an amazing little beach surrounded by huge pink granite boulders near Perros Guirec.

Cote sauvage - not really a beach this one, but a marvelous stretch of rugged coastline on the west of the Quiberon peninsula.  Fabulous in winter storms, but be careful.

Carnac plage - a lovely safe sandy beach in a pretty seaside town, soak up the rays, stroll round the shops or sip a cool drink in a cafe. This is my choice for an old fashioned day at the seaside for all the family, children and grandparents included.

Locmariaquer - good beaches, tiny village really exciting and dangerous tidal race as Locmariaquer faces Arzon allowing only a very narrow gap for the sea to flow to and from the Gulf of Morbihan.

L'ile d'Arz - take the ferry from Vannes or even kayak to this island and you will find beautiful little beaches all around.  The beaches in south east of the island have provided me with lots of lovely sea glass!

Etel -  Nice little town facing long sandy eastuary leading to a beautiful beach, but dangerous currents as the tide changes.  There is also a hauntingly beautiful ships' graveyard.

Pen Boc'h - very near Vannes and Arradon a series of coves on the Gulf of Morbihan, the water can be lovely and warm here.

Ile aux Moines - this island is only a short boat trip from Arradon and has some really nice sandy beaches

Dinard - I love this old town on the north coast with three gorgeous beaches, majestic old villas, marina, trendy shops and lively bars.

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