Top 10 things to do in Brittany

This are just some of my favourite things to do, there are lots and lots more.  Whatever your interests you can find plenty to see and do, just ask me when you are here on holiday.

One of my top 10 things to do is to take a stroll along the canal (or cycle or run or picnic or even kayak or hire a boat).  The Nantes-Brest canal in summer or winter is always beautiful. 


Two   Have traditional breton gallette for lunch, there are wonderful creperies everywhere in Brittany and the savoury buckwheat crepes are delicious.  Then for dinner there are many, many restaurants around from some offering simple 'menu du jour' to the Michelin starred. 


Three   Visit the Lac du Guerledin, this lovely lake was created when a hydroelectric dam was built.  A great spot for picnics, forest walks or kayaking.  There are some good restaurants around the shore too.


Four   Visit a chateau or wander round a medieval town or village.  There are streets of half timbered houses in Vannes and the old town is still surrounded by huge stone ramparts.  In many towns these old streets are pedestrianised.


Five   Go to the seaside and have fun , relax on the beach or be more adventurous and enjoy some exciting surfing, there are lots of surf schools, sailing schools and diving schools to choose from. In the Gulf of Morbihan there are numerous islands to explore.


Six   Visit an art gallery or museum, the town of Pont Aven is known as the little city of painters it has long been a haven for artists including Paul Gauguin. At Kerguehennec in the grounds of the chateau you can discover wonderful outdoor art as well as exhibitions within the chateau itself.  Each summer L'art dans les Chapels is a must see around Pontivy with contemporary art installations in old village churches.


Seven   Explore one of the many fishing villages around the coast of Brittany, or visit some oyster beds and then relax over a wonderful seafood lunch.


Eight   Go to a traditional french market, buy some ripe cheese, crusty bread and fresh fruit then head off for picnic.


Nine   Browse around the brocantes (second hand shops) and marches au puces (flea markets) and have fun finding yourself that hidden treasure.


Ten   Brittany is filled with mesolithic sites, there are standing stones everywhere not least of all at Carnac, engraved stones at Gavrinis and huge cairns like Barnenez.


Once you have visited for a holiday and perhaps taken a stained glass class I'm sure you will have your own top 10 of interesting, fun, exiting, indulgent or relaxing things to do in Brittany list.  There are so many beautiful things to see and do a top 10 is really not enough.  So I have made some more lists of my favourite top 10 street markets, beaches, restaurants and 'picture postcard' places to visit.

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